At Producers Supply Company, we are dedicated to
people, safety, and our customers.

At the core of PSC’s values, lies the safety of employees, customers, vendors, the environment and the community. Our stellar customer service skills are second only to the importance we place on safety.

All PSC vehicles are maintained at optimum performance and monitored with GPS. Our drivers are trained, licensed, drug tested, and empowered to be the safest defensive drivers on the road.

Communication is vital in achieving safe practices and procedures. Our staff is kept apprised of safety requirements, reminders, and changes via our safety meetings and alerts.

Our compliance, safety programs, and ratings
are available for customers and vendors through
ISNetworld, PEC Safety, Avetta, and TPS Alert.

Training is an essential part of our safety program. All PSC staff receive maximum training above and beyond customer, vendor, and OSHA requirements.

It is PSC’s greatest desire, that at the end of the day, everyone goes home safely to their loved ones!

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