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PSC Opens in Williston!

Williston, North Dakota, nestled in the heart of the prolific Bakken Formation shale play, has long been a center for oil and gas activity. Now, the city is home to our third PSC location. This much-anticipated development brings a range of benefits to the local industry, offering a convenient and reliable source for essential equipment, parts, and services.

The opening of Producers in Williston represents a significant step forward in meeting the industry’s demands. This dedicated store is designed to address the specific needs of industry professionals, providing them with a comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies required for their operations. From drilling and well-servicing equipment to PPE and maintenance supplies, the store’s purpose is to offer a wide range of high-quality products that meet industry standards.

With PSC’s presence in Williston, local oil and gas businesses can look forward to streamlined operations and improved efficiencies. No longer will companies have to rely on distant suppliers or wait for equipment to be shipped from far-off locations. The store’s close proximity to local drilling operations ensures easy access to essential supplies, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This convenience translates into cost savings and allows businesses to respond swiftly to operational needs.

ADDRESS: 4928 US-85
PHONE NUMBER: 701.997.0004