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PSC Launches Corporate Headquarters in Industry Hotspot

In a strategic move that underscores its remarkable growth and enduring commitment to the Energy sector, Producers Supply Company, a prominent player in the oil and gas supply distribution, has recently unveiled its new corporate headquarters in Southpointe, a widely recognized hub for the industry. This pivotal development signifies the company’s success and highlights its dedication to serving its customers with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Founded 32 years ago, PSC began as a small-scale distributor catering to local oil and gas companies. Over the years, the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service led to rapid growth and market recognition. With a solid foundation of integrity and a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics, the company outgrew its initial operations, expanding its reach beyond local borders and tapping into regional and national markets.

The selection of Southpointe as the site for PSC’s corporate headquarters is a masterstroke. Southpointe has emerged as a thriving oil and gas industry epicenter, boasting a remarkable concentration of major players. By situating its headquarters in this strategic location, PSC gains proximity to both existing and potential customers, partners, and collaborators, fostering an environment ripe for growth.

The new headquarters is more than just a symbol of PSC’s success; it serves as a beacon of innovation and progress in the oil and gas supply distribution sector.

2400 Ansys Drive, Suite 404, Canonsburg, PA 15317