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PSC Celebrates Grand Opening in Williamsport, PA!

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, known as the birthplace of Little League Baseball and a hub of rich history and natural beauty, is now ready for another milestone—a new PSC branch. This exciting development promises to bring numerous benefits to the community, creating opportunities for growth, convenience, and economic prosperity.

Located in a strategic position, this facility aims to provide unparalleled convenience and accessibility to industry professionals. Gone are the days of searching for multiple suppliers or waiting for essential equipment to be shipped from distant locations. The new store is poised to become a one-stop shop, ensuring that businesses and professionals can easily access a wide range of tools, parts, and services, saving valuable time and resources.

On May 18th, we celebrated with friends, suppliers, and customers! After 8 months of operating our brick-and-mortar business in Williamsport, we were thrilled with the turnout. We sincerely thank everyone who attended.

A special thanks to those who helped make our grand opening a success:

Chefs: Cody Harris and Brandon Rajecki from Balon Corporation
Catering Sides: Acme BBQ
Desserts: Sprinkled Sweet
Tent Rental and Balloons: Any Event
Photos: Amy Brink Photography