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Piper Valve Products, Inc.

PSC is proud to be stocking distributor for the Oil States Piper Valve (OSPV) line, with a focus on their high-pressure Compact Manifold Ball Valve.

Piper Series PB Ball Valves are engineered for optimum-flow performance under diverse pressure and flow situations and offer the economy of field reparability. PSC can offer numerous configurations to meet your valve and connection needs with the following design benefits:

  • Maximum-Flow bore sizes are offered that corresponds to the inside diameters of ASTM A106 Grade B pipe, reducing or completely eliminating transition areas and thereby minimizing system friction pressure loss.
  • Minimal line spread required for easy removal from service.
  • Modular 3-piece design provides multiple end connection options.
  • Compact design occupies up to 40% less space than conventional flanged-end ball valves for skids or manifolds.

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