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GD Energy Products

The oil patch is a tough environment — one that’s pushing operators and equipment more than ever. Horizontal drilling and unconventional plays demand higher pressures, deeper depths, more extreme conditions — you’re driving hard and you need equipment to keep up. GD Energy Products doesn’t engineer products to merely “keep up.” Our pumps are built to last. And last. To keep you running three-to-six times longer than the other guys can.

This means more than just delivering the highest-performing pumps and parts on the market. It means caring for our customers around-the-clock with a cycle of service —a lifestyle of service— that we call Experience 360.

From our legendary pumps and quality OEM parts, to the deep level of expertise maintained by our product specialists manning our 24/7 ONE Customer Service team who ensure you’re never left hanging. To Pump University, where customers receive training from the industry’s best. To the Core Exchange program, designed to eliminate downtime in no time. To expert repair, field service and maintenance teams. To best-in-class engineering and a passionate, enterprise-wide commitment to be the industry’s #1 in customer service.