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PSC is excited and extremely proud to introduce you to our newest location – Williamsport, Pennsylvania!

We are not strangers to this area as we have been servicing Northeastern PA with a weekly delivery for the past 20+ years. In order to use our resources more efficiently, we have committed to a full-time staff and a 12,500 square foot facility stocked with strategic inventory in Williamsport to provide our existing and new customer base with a 24/7/365 localized presence.

PSC will be able to provide you with the same level of customer service that you have come to expect in Waynesburg at our new Williamsport location.

We will be hosting a grand opening very soon and welcome all customers, suppliers, local authorities, family and friends or otherwise to attend! Date to be announced!

Opening Soon!

Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 7AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 7AM – 5PM
Thursday: 7AM – 5PM
Friday: 7AM – 5PM
Saturday: On Call

Phone: 570.281.6855


3024 Lycoming Creek Road
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 17701, USA

Producers Supply Company has long been a leading independent oilfield supply company since 1991. We are passionate about our ability to cater to the downstream, midstream, and upstream markets, which is why when you visit a PSC warehouse, you don’t find the typical supply store. With over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space, we are filled with inventory from top to bottom! Showing our customers all we have to offer stands strong for our mission to be a trusted partner and preferred supplier.

We utilize a database of over 500 manufacturing partners to fulfill any oilfield requirements of our customers. This month we are excited to highlight Piper valves. Piper is committed to improving end-user productivity, reduce environmental and safety-related incidents. These valves have been engineered for optimum-flow performance under diverse pressure and slow situations. 

Series PB Ball Valve

The Series PB Ball Valve manufactures with materials, coating, and processes to ensure durability for the project at hand. Including maximum strength and corrosion resistance, this valve has been put through the fire, meaning that it has even been fire tested to comply with API Specifications. 

Swivel Flange Connection

With a convenient feature of the Series PB, you have a swivel flange, a tube with a half-ring groove, and two half-rings. So versatile that the tube can be a weld-end, male-threaded, or any other possible end configuration.

System Fitting

Offering components for a weld-free construction, this is especially useful where material constructions can make welding difficult, such as where it is prohibited. It allows for the fitting of tees, crosses, elbows, hub connections, and much more.

These valves are just the beginning of the products offered by this partner. Piper manufactures and supplies a wide range of fluid transfer solutions, which results in the elimination of piping transition areas that minimize erosion and system friction pressure loss for a more efficient flow path.

We are always aware of the choices available to you when choosing oilfield supplies, which is why we do our research to partner with the best. Our experience and dedication are needed to succeed in the oil and gas industry and give us an edge that you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact Producers Supply Company for more information on our services and solutions today!

Having excellent customer service demands meeting and surpassing expectations! As a leading independent oilfield company, the team at Producers Supply Company excels at showing our amazing customers how important they are with every need or question they have. As your one-call-supplier, we partner with the best manufacturers to offer only the best products for your project. But with our 5 P’s of Producers (Pride, Productivity, People, Purpose, and Passion), our customer service doesn’t stop there…

It all starts at the top, with our owner and President, Gary Bowers, who brought in the Passion. From modest beginnings, he answered every phone call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help all his customers. We will aspire to maintain a positive can-do attitude that builds on the past 30 years of accomplishments. Today, that same customer service remains at the core of the organization, and no matter how much Producers Supply Company has grown, we have continued to provide unmatched service.

This unmatched service is driven by the awesome people that create our outstanding value. With an average tenure of eight years, our team is not afraid to work hard and always strive to make a difference in a client’s moment of need. We put the right people and the right products together in the right place, all to ensure that your job stays as operational as possible. This is a partnership, and we know that by providing maximum value to your operations, you will want to continue working with us. This value includes services such as job site inventory trailers to stock products needed on a routine basis, or our on-site delivery being reliable and on time, which can make a huge impact.

We all understand that there are many choices to be made in oilfield supply, and experience isn’t the only thing to consider. Although we possess the experience and knowledge to provide you with the solutions you need, it’s that extra dedication to our value of Productivity that keeps our customers coming back. We have spent many late nights and holidays, making sure our customers working 24/7/365 have the materials they need when they need it. We will give the task at hand 100% of our focus and hold each other accountable.

The best part is that our customer service doesn’t stop with our customers! Our employees are always excited to provide an unparalleled customer experience because of how we value and treat them. Another one of our “5 P’s” includes People, meaning we will treat one another with respect and integrity at all times. The safety of the Producers family is always at the forefront of the company’s values, with well-maintained vehicles, a state-of-the-art inventory management system, and quality control procedures, all of which are vital factors in achieving safe practices and protocols.

From safety within the PSC family to the front-facing service with our customers, we are here. Producers Supply Company strives to provide the highest quality of customer service to our employees, vendors, and customers, ensuring your continued business. This Purpose means we will value our role in our customers and supplier partners success. Don’t settle for anything less than the PSC standard, and experience what a true partnership means to us. Our last “P” of Producers is Pride, and it means that we will always value, promote, and fiercely protect our reputation.

To learn more about the 5 P’s of Producers, and more about our business, contact us for more details on the industry’s leading oilfield supplier. No matter your oilfield supply need, location, or project, our team will make it happen.

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